Why MCC?

Success stories

Meet Fred

Fred was dealing with anger and aggression for a long time. He sometimes made threats about causing harm to his family and has even tried to physically hurt a loved one. Fred’s aggressive behavior became so out of control—he was admitted to the hospital over five times in a single month. Fred’s problem with anger made it hard for him to get the help that he needed—especially in an outpatient or community setting. Magellan Complete Care’s Medical Directors and team of providers worked closely with Fred weekly, and sometimes, daily to make sure that Fred got the care he needed.

Magellan Complete Care enrolled Fred in the Complex Case Management Program and helped him get placed into a housing program. Fred’s care team was able to get him the help and medicine that he needed to take control of his anger and turn his life around.

Fred has not been back to the hospital since his last release several months ago. Magellan Complete Care continues to give ongoing support to both Fred and the providers working with him. Fred is now taking his medicine regularly and is looking into going back to school.

Meet Nancy

For a very long time, Nancy has had a hard time staying away from alcohol. She depended on alcohol so much that she couldn’t do normal daily tasks without it. She tried to stop drinking on her own but it just seemed too hard to handle. Nancy reached out for help many times, but would not follow through, because her alcohol cravings were so strong. She was even admitted to the hospital over ten times within six months because of her alcohol and substance abuse addiction. Nancy knew that she needed to make a decision to get help.

A Magellan Complete Care Health Guide reached out to Nancy while she was in the hospital. The health guide began to build a relationship with her. They continued to reach out to her after she was released from the hospital.

Nancy finally made the choice to go through a six month inpatient program for substance use. The health guide stayed in touch with Nancy every day and gave her the support that she needed to continue with the program. The health guide also worked closely with the hospital and other members from the Magellan Care team to make sure that Nancy got the help that she needed.

Nancy has completed a six month program and has stopped drinking. She is thankful to his health guide, the hospital and the Magellan care team for helping her turn her life around.

Meet Henry

Henry was living in a homeless shelter since he was 18 years old. He stayed in the shelter for over 20 years because he had nowhere else to go. Not only was Henry living with homelessness—he was also living with diabetes.

Since he did not see his doctor as he should have, his condition got worse. Henry’s diabetes condition got so bad that his foot had to be removed. Henry had a hard time handling his life changes and began being admitted to the hospital many times within a year.

A Magellan Care Manager began to speak with Henry while he was in the hospital. The Care Manager and the health team worked together to help Henry get the care that he needed. After a few months, they were able to get Henry admitted to a skilled nursing facility for long term care.

Henry is now doing well and has not been in the hospital for over two years. He is glad that the Care Manager and health team was able to help him with his health needs and get him out of the homeless shelter.