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Healthy Behaviors-Smoking Cessation

All members enrolled with Magellan Complete Care who are at risk of tobacco use or are tobacco users are eligible for the smoking cessation program defined below.

Medically Necessary Tobacco Cessation Services:

MCC of FL will offer and pay for medically necessary tobacco cessation services. This includes counseling and pharmacotherapy as well as routine visits. It also includes additional counseling and tobacco cessation drug therapy when medically necessary for individuals under age 21. After reaching the first goal of one month in the program with no tobacco use, members receive a $20 pre-paid gift card. When members tell us they have met the goal of two months in the program with no tobacco use, they receive an additional $20 pre-paid Walmart gift card reward.

Program Benefits:

Members who complete the Smoking Cessation Program are provided more personalized and proactive care based on their risk level associated with tobacco use. Participation in the smoking cessation program is intended to improve and restore health or alter the course of the disease.

Program Participation and Completion Rate:

From July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020, a total of (11) Magellan Complete Care members enrolled in the Smoking Cessation program. During this period, 27% of members (3 members) participating in the program completed goals and earned an incentive.