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The right doctor is key to your health. You can search for doctors, hospitals and other services.

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We cover many prescription drugs. The list comes from the group at AHCA that chooses the drug list for the State.

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Topics A - Z

Topics A - Z

You can find facts about health issues, drugs and other key things so you can make better health decisions.

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Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools

This is easy.  Take a test or put in data to find out how to make good health choices.

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To find information on your drug(s) including drug-drug interactions, side-effects or common risks: 

  1. Click the link located below. 
  2. In the search box at the top of the next page, enter the name of your drug to search. Your search may return several options.
  3. Select the first option which is the generic drug name or you can use the alphabet links, select a letter, scroll and find your drug by drug name.
  4. Once you select a drug name, scroll down the page to review important

To search for generic options after you have located the drug:

  1. Look at the general name at the top of the page above the picture.
  2. Look at the brand name identified just below (Brand: name of drug).
  3. Look at the pictures of the pill(s) and the name and dosage above the picture.
  4. Click on the word NEXT under the picture and again look at the name and dosage above the picture.
  5. Any generic options will display the generic name and dosage.


Mobile Phone Program

Magellan Complete Care members get a free phone and minutes. Our members also get easy access to care support.

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A flu shot can help everyone prevent the disease. Ask your doctor about getting your flu shot.

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