Healthy Behaviors Annual Report

Magellan Complete Care of FL establishes and maintains programs to encourage and reward healthy behaviors. The Healthy Behaviors programs are available to all eligible enrollees. Information on how to access a specific Healthy Behaviors program is available in the Member Handbook and on the MCCFL website. Members participating in a MCCFL Case Management or Disease Management program will also receive education and support from their Case Manager on enrollment into one of the Healthy Behaviors programs. Members may also contact our Customer Service team for additional information and/or assistance on how to join any of these programs.

There is a program description for each Healthy Behaviors program which includes detailed information for each program, including program goals, interventions, and rewards available for participation.

Healthy Behaviors Programs are intended to help our members stay healthy and lead healthier lives.  MCC FL offers the following Healthy Behaviors Programs:

The following report will provide a summary for each of the Healthy Behaviors programs including the intended health benefit and outcomes, enrollee engagement and completion rates.  In 2020, MCC FL will continue to promote participation in Healthy Behaviors programs through member newsletters, provider newsletters, member postcards, text message campaigns and social media.