Healthy Behaviors-Maternity Incentive Program

The Magellan Complete Care Mother Baby Connection Program will provide incentives and rewards to enrollees who agree to enroll in the Program and enrollees to attend specific follow up appointments. The goals of the program are to: 1) increase adherence with prenatal and postnatal care and 2) increase the ability of the Plan to assist in the coordination of care for pregnant members.   Target goals are based on the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set standards: Prenatal and Postpartum Care and Frequency of Prenatal Care. All known pregnant enrollees will be made aware of this Healthy Behaviors program during initial outreach calls to engage the enrollee in the Mother Baby Connection Program. Enrollees will be informed of the four incentives and that the gift cards will be mailed to the enrollee after confirmation that each incentive milestone has been successfully met. Enrollees to agree to join the MCC Mother Baby Connection Program will be given a $10 Walmart gift card in the mail. Current MCC enrollees who become pregnant will receive their next $10 Walmart gift card in the mail when they attend their first prenatal visit within the first trimester; new MCC enrollees who are already pregnant when joining the Plan will receive their next $10 Walmart gift card in the mail after they attend their first prenatal visit within 42 days of joining the Plan. Enrollees will receive a $20 gift card after attending all of their prenatal care visits, according to the America Congress Obstetricians and Gynecologist schedule for prenatal visits. Finally, enrollees will receive a $10 Walmart gift card in the mail when they attend their postpartum follow up appointment within 21-56 days of giving birth.

All incentive target goals are separate from each other. A new member does not need to complete target goal #3 in order to get target goal #4. Each target goal must be met to get the incentive. For provider visits, Magellan Complete Care must receive a claim in order for the incentive to be paid.

Program Benefits:

Getting care from a provider during a woman’s pregnancy is important to try to ensure the best pregnancy outcomes. Early and regular prenatal care can increase the chances of having a healthy baby. However, many women begin prenatal care late in the pregnancy or do not attend all of their scheduled visits. This can make it difficult for providers to help avert problems in pregnancy. In an effort to encourage pregnant women to begin prenatal care early in the pregnancy and to attend all of their visits, some health systems and providers offer incentives to patients to attend prenatal care. One study found that women receiving incentives were more likely to attend frequent prenatal visits during their pregnancy. One study indicated that women who received incentives were more likely to obtain adequate quality prenatal care defined as undergoing a certain number of procedures such as testing blood sugar or blood pressure, vaccinations and counseling about breastfeeding and birth control.

Participation Rate:

From July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019, a total of (267) pregnant members enrolled and participated in the Maternity Incentive program

  • 100% of members earned an incentive for joining the program; (267) members
  • 41% of members earned the 2nd incentive; (109) members
  • 16% of members earned the 3rd incentive; (43) members
  • 6% of members earned the 4th incentive; (16) members

During the annual review period, approximately 20% of all eligible pregnant members participated in the Maternity Incentive program.