Mother-Baby Connections Program

Refer a member to the Mother-Baby Connections program

You can refer a member for care management and peer support by calling 1-800-327-8613.

The Mother-Baby Connections program addresses the special needs of pregnant women and infants, including pregnant women with incidence of substance misuse/abuse, lifestyle risks such as obesity and tobacco use, and other chronic conditions. The primary goal of the program is the delivery of a health newborn and to reduce and prevent pregnancy-related and other complications. Our specialized program, Substance Use in Pregnancy, provides comprehensive, integrated case management by experienced obstetric nurses with expertise in serious mental illness and substance use disorder during pregnancy, licensed clinical social workers and Recovery Support Navigators with lived experience. The goal is to prevent and reduce complications related to substance use and provide treatment during pregnancy with the clinical goals of minimizing impacts to the neonate, preventing relapse, promoting recovery, and strengthening the mother’s ability to care for herself and her infant. The program is designed to increase the member’s awareness of her condition and the value of treatment and self-management.