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Join our network

Join our network

Our providers are the key to our success in meeting the needs of our members. Our model of care meets the medical and behavioral health care needs of our members. The level of support and coordination is dependent on the needs of the individual member.

Magellan Complete Care brings the same commitment to the provider community that we have for the last 25-years. Together, we can leverage our strength, experience and expertise to improve outcomes for Medicaid recipients in our community.

Our Provider Support Representatives are committed to our providers and work to establish a positive experience with Magellan Complete Care including: 

  • Provide orientation to Magellan Complete Care
  • Provide education and support to facilitate best practices and cultural competency
  • Assist with strategies related to the development and management of the provider network
  • Identify and remediate operational short-falls like claims payment issues
  • Implement provider practice-based quality initiatives like patient registries, P4P programs and provider scorecard
  • Distribute and review various Magellan Complete Care reports

Magellan Complete Care's different

The Magellan Complete Care plan combines and integrates physical and mental health services.  Magellan Complete will provide well-coordinated care for the whole person and will focus on prevention and wellness for the mind and body.

Benefits of contracting with Magellan Complete Care

  • Magellan Complete Care supports providers with services that help coordinate care, implement self-care practices, and improve adherence to treatment plans for members.
  • We offer a fully integrated service model. We have established a shared continuity-of-care record, supported by communication across all channels.
  • Magellan Complete Care focuses on the right program for the condition. We then implement a specialized chronic care improvement program for the diagnosed condition of the member.
  • We practice prevention and early intervention, routine screenings, and whole health peer support to keep members healthy.

The strength of our network

Our approach to network development is to implement a regional, strength-based plan that is focused on increasing access, enhancing quality, expanding choice, and improving member experience. 


Magellan Complete Care would like to work with you in providing high-quality care for the whole person. Contact our network development team today 800-327-8613 or email us at to schedule an in-office visit where we can show you how.