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Plan overview

Plan overview

Magellan Complete Care is a Florida Medicaid specialty health plan for Medicaid recipients living with a serious mental illness. Our clinical and operational model of care allows us to offer our members access to high-quality, clinically appropriate, affordable health care, tailored to each individual’s need to ultimately improve health care outcomes and the overall quality of life for our members and their families.

Our goals for the Complete Care plan

  • Recovery - Making members better and keeping them that way.
  • Transparency - Creating a clear, open line of communication. 
  • Shared decision-making - Involving all stakeholders, including caregivers. 
  • Ensured access to care – Minimal interruptions or breakdowns.

Outcomes of the Complete Care model of care 

  • Better overall health and wellness
  • Better sustained care
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Reduced emergencies of all kinds
  • Reduced burdens on medical, community, and municipal resources – We support individuals in a manner that increases the member’s ability to lead a productive life and decreases the burden on the state in terms of reduced negative affect health care system, and reduced negative impact in other areas, such as the justice system. 

Addressing barriers to care or disparities in health populations

Our core care team’s high-touch management helps members make appointments, arrange transportation to appointments, and adhere to treatment regimens. Our peer support programs can help support the member’s health and wellness between appointments. The net result is improvement to the member’s overall health – mental and physical. 

Our care coordination team

  • The integrated care case manager (CM) is either an RN or a licensed mental health professional that is in charge of putting together the plan, coordinating care, assisting members with complex situations and providing face-to-face help. 
  • The health guide is the member’s advocate and helps them navigate the health care system, keep doctor appointments, and coordinates with community agencies and other resources.
  • The primary behavioral health provider is responsible for overseeing delivery and quality of the behavioral health services.
  • The primary medical provider oversees medical services to ensure they are medically correct and coordinated.
  • The Medical specialists help when the member has a complex medical condition.
  • The Peer support specialists provide emotional support to inspire hope for the future.
  • Our team of pharmacists review medication usage as needed.
  • Family members, caregivers, representatives from the member’s place of residence, or other individuals/agencies involved in care may all be included. 


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