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Discontinued –Magellan Complete Care’s hospitalist program for physical health admissions

Effective August 1, 2018, Magellan Complete Care will be discontinuing the physical health admission hospitalist program that is currently managed by Quality Medical Consultant Group (QMC) at your facility. We request that you please notify and advise your admitting and emergency department of this change.

 What this change means to all of your facilities and what you are required to do:

  • Please ensure that your admitting and emergency departments both notify Magellan Complete Care within 24 hours via fax at 1-888-656-4894 when a Magellan Complete Care member requires admission to your facility.
  • Please continue to submit your daily census to Magellan Complete Care via fax at 1-888-656-4894.  

As a reminder: You can request for initial and prior authorizations online through the provider portal. If you need help with requesting authorizations online, you can take a look at our demo.

For questions regarding this change, please contact Magellan Complete Care’s Network Management Team at 1-800-424-8584 or email us at